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DLSU-CSB’s Sinulid: The Future Of Philippine Fashion

This news article originally appeared in on August 12, 2016. By Bea Grace Pascual.

The Philippine fashion scene is threading its name in the worldwide arena.

The De La Salle-College of St. Benilde (DLSU-CSB) Fashion Design and Merchandising students once again showcased their talents while showing us the future of fashion through their culminating fashion show and exhibit, Sinulid. This year marks the fourth year of the event and it was held at SM Aura.

For this year’s theme, they are prompting social change and the concepts of inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability.

Having a broad subject, the students brought us street remix, wearable art, dark romance, futuristic, and remix of functionality designs. They gave us innovative twists to the themes, all heading towards sartorial innovation.

Bea Araza opened the show with her bell-shaped skirts which shows her mastery in technique and structure. Steven Comandante Puritan-meets-The Handmaid’s Tale jumpsuits and bonnets and Rome Oamil’s tough Girl Scout outfits also stood out during the event.

Nicole Strawford was awarded for her aforementioned sari-sari exhibit; Darlene Rivera for Best Design Concept, and; Kimble Quinto for Best in Surface Design. Bea Guerrero was named the Top Student Designer while Therese Melliza as the Sinulid Emerging Creative.