You are currently viewing Filipiniana-inspired collection at Fashion Week San Diego

Filipiniana-inspired collection at Fashion Week San Diego

This news article originally appeared in on November 3, 2020. By Steph Llarena.

At 22, up-and-coming fashion designer Bea Cruz has definitely made quite mark in the industry while showcasing Filipino ingenuity.

During the Fall Runway of the Fashion Week San Diego on October 17, Cruz earned the Top Designer award for her 10-piece fall collection of sophisticated two-tone piña silk ensembles.
Entitled Vivirá, or “will live” in Spanish, the collection was composed of baro’t saya, pañuelo, and upcycled barongs, incorporated with the ‘40s and the ‘50s circled skirts with contemporary touches.

Cruz bags the Top Designer award at the FWSD and The Art and Beauty Behind Fashion Best Team award at the 14th International Virtual Art Renewal Center Salon Exhibition.

“Vivirá is all about how fashion evolves and how cultural clothing will live beyond generations and this is my modern take on it—living out Philippine traditional clothing to the present time,” shared Cruz, who honed her creative talents under the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Unfortunately, Cruz was not physically present at the event due to the ongoing pandemic. She opted to ship her garments from her studio in Negros Occidental to Manila, then all the way across the Pacific to San Diego, California.

To represent her, she collaborated with and was assisted by two Filipino artists, Los Angeles-based earring designer Kaitlyn Cabrera and San Diego-based wardrobe coordinator Angel Tan.

“I was socially distanced for a thousand miles, but this was such a historic day we have celebrated around the world. I’m truly honored to be showcasing a collection with these amazing designers amidst the uncertainty this year has. WE MADE IT THROUGH!” Cruz said in a post on Facebook.

Prior to her FWSD outing, Cruz also showcased her work at the 14th International Virtual Art Renewal Center (ARC) Salon Exhibition hosted by Sotheby’s New York.

MODERN FILIPINIANA. Young Filipino designer Bea Cruz showcased her 10-piece collection, dubbed ‘Vivirá,’ composed of her modern take on baro’t saya, pañuelo, and barong at the recently concluded Fashion Week San Diego.

Cruz drew inspiration from David Bowers’ “Lisa The Shield Maiden (2019)” for her three-piece look. Together with her muse Mexican model Andrea Rivera, she bagged the sought-after The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion Best Team award.

“Being selected to showcase for both the Sotheby’s New York exhibition and the Fashion Week San Diego in itself was a huge deal for me as a starting designer,” she enthused.

Photos from Bea Cruz/Facebook